In Memory of Fritz Müller

Deeply mourning our company founder Fritz Müller, who has passed away at the age of 82, we would like to say goodbye.

Fritz Müller created something unique with his ideas and and initiative drive. With his inventive spirit, courage and foresight, he founded GEMÜ in the year 1964 and developed it into a international successful company. In the year 2013, Fritz Müller handed over his ife’s work to the next generation and withdrew from the operational business. Until his death, Fritz Müller always remained associated with GEMÜ.

We are pleased about the condolences of companions, friends, employees and people who knew him.

悼念盖米集团创始人Fritz Müller先生

盖米集团创始人Fritz Müller先生于2021年12月1日因病逝世,享年82岁。

Fritz Müller先生凭借自身的创新精神、勇气及前瞻性,取得了非凡成就。他于1964年创立了盖米集团,并使其成为了享誉全球的跨国企业。

2013年,Fritz Müller先生将集团事务转交给下一代,但直至逝世,他依然时时关心着盖米集团的运作及发展。他是盖米集团的奠基人和引领者,是盖米精神的开创者。

我们将永远怀念Fritz Müller先生。